13 May 2021

Prospero and CMAZ nod to partner

In a continued quest to bring more partners on board to help advance the interest of the association, the Capital Markets Association of Zambia once again brought strong partners on Board as they got to sign a memorandum of understanding with Prospero Zambia.

Prospero Zambia partners with leading private sector players, government agencies and business associations to design synergistic initiatives that support strong business model development, promote transformative financial services, attract quality investors and foster enabling business and investment environments.

As part of the memorandum of understanding the two organizations agreed to provide an effective framework for collaboration between market participation and hence increase capitalization on the market.

Among some of the items that were agreed to included the distribution of relevant and up to date information regarding programs and projects being undertaken by Prospero Zambia to Capital Market players. Secondly, Prospero committed to providing information about grant and investment facilitation opportunities for Zambian start up and other businesses such as SMEs.

The Capital Markets Association also committed to collaborate with Prospero on continuous professional development to ensure a high standard of expertise on the market and working on grooming start-up to help them become investor ready and eventually graduate to private equity level and increase market players.

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