18 Dec 2020

There are no short cuts to Entrepreneurship

Our guest of honour at the prize giving ceremony Dr Rozious Siatwambo presented a moving keynote speech entitled ‘Navigating the tide of unemployment through Entrepreneurship’. He stressed the point that we all need to unlock our mental block to think around employment but rather create the mind-set of being our own employer. 

He alerted the audience to the fact that entrepreneurship is the road less traveled yet holds the key to economic success. He urged all in attendance to nurture the process of being entrepreneurs to help create employment and grow the economy. 

“Most people want to become entrepreneurs but often refuse to accept the process it takes to get to being an entrepreneur.” He said.

He encouraged all in attendance to take time to nurture the thought of providing solutions to the problems the communities face as a way of driving their entrepreneurial faculties. He stated that everyone must know that there are no short cuts to the process.

And speaking during the same function the President of the Capital Marketa Association, Mr Nicholas Kabaso thanked the two participating universities namely University of Lusaka and Rockview University. He expressed happiness that the competition continues to draw increased interests from students. 

He said that the Capital Markets Association continues to pride in this event that has now become an annual event and a dominant feature of the world investor week activities  he expressed optimism that through these initiatives the messages will get to all of how they can participate in the capital markets.

One of the students expressed need to open up 2021 essay competition to all other universities.