The Executive Board of the Capital Markets Association is working very closely with market participants and faculties of various learning institutions to adopt the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS). These are a set of voluntary standards used by investment managers throughout the world to ensure full disclosure and fair representation of their investment performance. The goal of the standards is to make it possible for investors to compare one firm’s performance against that of another firm.

The Global Investment Performance Standards were created by the CFA Institute, a global association for investment management professionals, and are governed by the GIPS Executive Committee.

In the main Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) are intended to enable investors to compare investment firms worldwide. The Executive Board hopes by adopting these standards they will help increase the confidence levels within the Capital Markets and thus help drive increased participation which will drive improved liquidity. It is hoped this mammoth task will be a medium term deliverable and dependent on donor funding to drive the various stakeholder engagements.

In the meantime the association is bound by the current rules as issued by the regulator Securities Exchange Commission of Zambia. SEC Rules Click