The Capital Markets Association of Zambia (“CMAZ”) was officially registered under the Societies Act Cap 119 of the Laws of Zambia on the 20th April, 2016. CMAZ is a non-profit and non-political association set up for and on behalf of all capital market participants in accordance with section 208 (1) of the Securities Act of 2016.

We have a broad based membership and seek to drive increased participation within Capital markets. Our core objective, is to promote the capital markets through policy advocacy, dialogue, and lobbying, standard setting and information dissemination. The vision is to provide an organized, structured and well-articulated forum for investment practitioners and market participants, to dialogue and network amongst themselves and with other stakeholders to drive efficient capital markets.

Benefits of joining the Capital Markets Association

Formal involvement in a long-established and respected community of investment professionals in Zambia.

It accords you the right voice to lobby and foster the required capital market guidelines, policies as well as standards that will enable the growth of our markets.

You get first-hand research papers on Capital Markets as issued by our academic partners.

Preferential rates for Chartered Institute of Securities programmes, CPD Points, certificated courses which are accredited by Securities Exchange Commission of Zambia and other academic bodies.
Members are also accorded support on conciliation and arbitration. 

Networking and information exchange at industry events organised by CMAZ with, and for, members at international and regional level, for example its annual general meeting and conference.

Institutions of higher learning that work with us get regular learning practicums for their students through our various practicing institutions, they also benefit from our regular feature lectures offered as a supplement to the various professional curriculums and have access to our mentor programs.

SME,s and interested individuals are provided with cost effective support when coming to the capital markets.

The CMAZ Members’ Register, in which all CMAZ members are listed together with the contact details of key individuals.

President’s Feature

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